Thursday, June 9, 2005

No more teachers, no more books...

Abby was really upset today. She knows it's the last day of school and already had said "but I want to go back to school and learn some more thiiiiiiiiings!" and finding out that there wasn't any ballet either put her over the edge. She really wants to do more ballet and dance like the "big kids" and she's upset that there isn't any more of school or ballet until the Fall.

She keeps asking to dance over and over again to the movie of her ballet showcase performance, which I have to replay over and over. She's now with Maddy: "Do you want to learn how I did my ballet?"


"ok first you have to do THIS.....and THIS..........."

And wouldn't you know it, Maddy caught on. Maddy puts her hands on her head and spins when Abby does her ballet turns. She also does this jerky little squat when Abby does her "plies." Then the two of them skip (well, one skips, the other quasi-lurches) to the other side of the room, Abby and Maddy blow kisses, and sit down "off stage," which is by the patio door.

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