Saturday, June 11, 2005

Logic, Schmogic

I told Abby this past Thursday that we couldn't go to Erika's house when she asked because Greta was here and she needed some help organizing. Well, Little Miss Assumptive Leap has now concluded that when Greta is NOT here, it is a compelling reason TO GO to Erika's house.

To wit, today's exchange:

"Mommy, can we go to Erika's house?"
"Not today, honey."
"Why not?! Greta's not here and you said we could go when she's not here. She's not here so you have to take me!"

Under this winner of a theory, we now live at Erika's house except on Thursdays, from 1-6pm.

I defy anybody to successfully explain to her little four year old mind the flaw in her reasoning.

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