Saturday, March 8, 2003

Three weeks, four days.

One pregnancy test left, and one anxious potentially-pregnant woman with a full bladder. Lauren wakes up feeling terrible and it feels just like it did with Abby. Could it be? It is! Two pink lines pop up! Lauren tells Brian, who’s getting ready to leave for work and Lauren spends the rest of the day daydreaming about babies.

Lauren and Brian speak with Brian’s parents later on that day, who had serendipitously called just to say they were in the car and bored and needed a good story. Ok. No problem. Here’s you go.

Lauren breaks down and buys more pregnancy tests. It’s just too much fun. Lauren justifies it by buying really low quality tests, thinking that if these are positive, she’s definitely pregnant, because it’s still pretty early to test. The test comes out negative. Then, about half an hour later, Brian is on the phone with Brian’s parents again and Lauren looks over at the test and sure enough, it’s positive.

The rest of the day is spent shopping and talking about babies. Also, Brian and Lauren make lame jokes about the “two of us” when referring to me, and other similarly uninspired jokes. We go to Ruby’s for dinner tonight and Lauren is surprisingly hungry.

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