Sunday, March 9, 2003

Three weeks, five days.

One more pregnancy test left… Lauren is clearly pathological with these tests, but hey, it’s fun. She finally feels better today, not nearly as bad as yesterday. Brian and Lauren go shopping and dream about being a family of four. They tell Lauren’s parents. They sit down for dinner, and Brian and Lauren say say they’ve got something to tell them. Brian and Lauren look at each other, and neither starts talking. Lauren’s dad says “boy, big pregnant pause!” Lauren points at Dad with one hand and touches her nose with the other, and says nothing. Mom squeals. Dad doesn’t get it, which is the exact opposite of who figured it out first the first time. “I’m PREGNANT, Dad!” He gets it this time.

Brian’s uncle dies unexpectedly today. What a tragedy. He was only 54 and a wonderful man.

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