Sunday, June 14, 2009

A race worth walking about.

The girls and I took a trip around Harriton High School today for the first annual "Run For Our Schools." Abby had the courage to join me on the 5k, which we ran along with Amy Lutz, daughter Erika, Keri Fisher and one-year-old Molly in a jogger. Maddy harbored secret (ok, not so secret) dreams of dusting the other kids in the kiddie Track Trot, her enthusiasm reaching the boiling point as she waited for me and Abby to finish our race so that the Track Trot could begin.

In the last mile as Abby and Erika dug deep to keep running to the end, it was agreed among the moms that the experience was sufficiently character-building to be "blog worthy." To which Abby huffed between breaths: "Well, I think it's walk worthy."

Maddy was sure that the small trophy meant for the second place winner of the 5k was instead meant for the winner of the track trot (since they are smaller, of course) and spent the better part of our time on the 5k with Dad Dad, mentally decorating her room with the trophy she was sure to win. She did earn a finishers medal, however.

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