Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Hallmark Holiday, everybody!

We never really did much of anything for Valentine's Day. It just wasn't one of those days that registered too highly on my Scale of Important Holidays. And until recently both kids were at the synagogue for school where Valentines Day is ignored entirely for religious reasons. So that was that. But ever since Abby started public school, she's been getting into it. The class has a party, they exchange cards, and it always takes me by surprise, as in "oh, it's that time of year again?"

On Wednesday, I got a taste of what Abby's Scale of Important Holidays is like: she tried to get out of going to ballet by saying, "oh mom, it's almost Valentines Day! I can help you at home getting ready." Um, exactly what have you ever seen me do with regard to Valentines Day other than buy half-price candy on February 15? She actually thought that the Friday and Monday off she has from school was because of Valentine's Day, not President's Day Weekend. Needless to say, she went to ballet class that day.

What's been adorable, however, is that she has spent two days making this Valentines Day Scavenger Hunt in our house. I am not allowed to know what's going on with it, but certain things of mine are mysteriously missing. I guess we'll play tonight and that will be good because Maddy will get her winter jacket back, wherever it is right now.

Update: All Brian's girls got flowers today! Aren't they beautiful? The flowers are nice, too!

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