Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm more upset than you think I am.

So I was putting Abby and Maddy to bed last night. At one minute before bedtime (literally), Abby said, "you know, it's still a minute before bedtime. Would you read me a book?" It was kind of hard to argue with that logic, so I said yes, a short book. Abby dutifully went and got one ridiculously short Disney Princess™ book. I asked her to get something more appropriate for her age and reading level, and she said, "but there's not enough time!" The little nut had me--give in on principle if you want a better book. Ugh. So, we read the little book.

Meanwhile, Madeline is in the bathroom brushing her teeth but her Princess Spidey Sense still manages to detect the hint of Disney (™) in the air, and starts to scream, "you have to wait for meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!"

Um, no, we don't--not when you're late because you were too slow at getting ready for bed. So I keep reading. She hears this, and starts to cry. By the time she finishes with her teeth, she is in full-on bawl, and comes into the room and says, rather acerbically, "why didn't you wait for me? You have to wait for me. You always wait for me." I respond, "well, no, I don't. You were late to bed because you were goofing around. Had you gotten ready on time like I asked, you'd have been able to hear the story." Gotcha, punk.

That goes over about how you'd expect, so with no more story being read (I had finished with Abby by now), she lies down in bed, whimpering. The show is pretty entertaining, and by now I am fighting back a chuckle. I think she noticed; she said to me, still in cry/whimper, "you know, I'm more upset than you think I am."

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