Monday, October 13, 2008

Nudist parents

I got stuck in traffic today and ended up calling my friend's nanny to grab Maddy while she was still in carpool line picking up her own charges. When I got to my friend's house to pick her up, my friend commented, "So, Maddy said you were late because you were naked." Um, what?

I figured maybe Maddy had said "late" but had been misunderstood. No, she was certain: Maddy told her, unequivocally, "mommy was naked."

On our way home, Maddy confirmed it by asking me, "why were you naked, Mommy?" I asked her, "where did you hear that?" She told me that the nanny had said I was naked and that's why I couldn't pick her up.

Now totally flummoxed, I called the nanny to ask what in the world she had said to Maddy. Apparently, when Maddy got in the car, she asked why I wasn't there, to which the nanny had replied, "Mommy couldn't make it." Make it! Maddy heard, I guess: "Mommy couldn't. Naked."

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Anonymous said...

Get her hearing checked! Ha ha. :)