Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Tooth, a Tooth, My Kingdom for a Tooth

Last night Abby "lost" her third tooth. I say "lost" but in reality, Brian pulled it out while she was sleeping. The fact was, we were getting ill from watching it wiggle around in her mouth for weeks on end, on its last thread, while Abby refused to do anything more decisive than move it gently with her tongue. She'd stopped eating anything that required chewing and we all had our lives ground to a halt by this tooth. Besides, it was gross just hanging there. So when she fell asleep, we stole into her room and Brian plucked it out with a cotton round. She woke up straightaway, but was thrilled to find it gone.

Needless to say, the tooth fairy made her third appearance. We told her that the next time she should only pretend to go to sleep and take a picture of the tooth fairy when she comes. Abby rolled her eyes. "The tooth fairy knows when you're sleeping and only comes when you are asleep. She's wise." The ", duh" was strongly implied.

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Sheri Ann said...

This story is so cute!

I did an author school assembly the other day, and told the assembled k-4th graders that if their tooth is still there in the morning, it's because their parents snuck into their rooms before the tooth fairy, hoping to catch sight of her. Too smart for that (with her high-tech spy tools), she flew away (on her jet-powered tooth board).

Your daughter has it exactly right! ;-)

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