Saturday, March 29, 2008

Welcome to five years ago.

Well, all that progress I was making on the independence from small clingy babies front? Kiss it goodbye. It seems we're right back where we started.

Ayup, storm's a'comin. Pee sticks confirm it. Blood test lays it bare. The ol' baby machine has been called back into service.

Last Thursday I was mildly late (read: three hours had passed since the 28th day had completed) and I just...knew. Brian was dismissive. No, "dismissive" sounds like he might have even slightly contemplated the possibility. Let's call it, "incredibly, scofflingly, completely and obnoxiously dismissive." But yet he still volunteered to drive me to the supermarket to pick up a test. (And why, you ask, I couldn't drive myself? I was tipsy--nay, drunk--from a couple of cocktails. Way to start this one out right!)

When we got back, Brian of course figured his job was done. Completely convinced that nothing more could be gleaned from the experience, he retired to the other room and fixed himself a heaping bowl of ice cream. That's how convinced he was that step two--the actual testing--was ceremonial.

I knew different.

With fumbling fingers, I yanked the Stick of Destiny from its wrapper and tested. Immediately one dark pink line came up, but it was way to the left of where the packaging indicated the control line ought to be. Hmm? Had the control line moved? Oh no. So pregnant was I that the test line came up before the control line.

Brian's job was done, it seemed. Just not quite in the way he'd thought.

The next morning, I tested again, and the same result. We told Brian's parents. The rest of the vacation kind of passed in a blur, and we came home and told the rest of the family. Six more pregnancy tests and a blood test later, there seems no doubt--another baby is on its way.

For your scorecard:
Estimated Delivery Date: November 27, 2008 (yes, that's Thanksgiving Day.)
Hcg: 2052 at 33 days LMP
Progesterone: 18.2 at 33 days LMP
Questionable things eaten by Lauren in the week leading up to discovering pregnancy: raw oysters, sushi, raw cheeses, wine, alcohol, one day of only tuna.
Questonable things eaten by Lauren the month prior to becoming pregnant: none of those things.

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