Monday, January 14, 2008


Maddy's latest thing this week is finding a good heating vent and curling up to it and taking small naps. Maybe she learned it from the cats (who seem moderately miffed to compete with her for the best heating vent) or perhaps she's turned into some kind of reptile and needs to warm herself so she can get her metabolism up enough to digest her food.

I have to say, there is a certain satisfying enjoyment to a warm vent. I can't say I blame her. I love the way in which kids attend to their desires in such unabashed and direct fashion. So what if you're lying on the floor in the fetal position? After all, that's where the vents are.

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Julie said...

That's really sweet. I miss floor heater vents. They're high on the wall or on the ceiling here. Genius, right? @@ Heat rises. The only good thing is that cats can't pee in the wall and ceiling vents.

PS I clicked here from FC :)