Thursday, March 27, 2003

A window into the soul

Ultrasound today. Brian couldn’t make it so Lauren brought her mom. Mom and Grandmom saw a heartbeat and find it amazing. That little bean, just blinking away. Very exciting. Abby points to the screen and says “bee bee!” How prescient! Or maybe she was just repeating what her Mom Mom had just said. She’s a genius either way.

The doctor informs the crowd that Lauren’s miscarriage risk has dropped to 5%, having seen a heartbeat. He says that he doesn’t see an enlarged yolk sac, which is what he sees in a lot of pregnancies that don’t make it. Lauren thinks now it’s time to start thinking about renting one of those dopplers she had to have last pregnancy. Lauren starts to feel very good about this pregnancy. She finds it hard to believe because in her mind, her only baby is Abby, and Lauren’s only pregnancy was hers. Lauren finds that to see another little being in there where Abby was is very unreal feeling. However, Lauren remains confident that his little one will make its individual presence known. Get ready, Abby.

Morning sickness continues. Deep fatigue sets in, though it’s clearly exacerbated by the fact that she got very little sleep last night stressing about the impending ultrasound.

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