Monday, June 11, 2007

Run, Abby, Run!

So today the girls and I were out strolling after our lunch, and Abby looks up at me with big eyes and says, "when I'm big enough, I want to go running with you." Of course, my heart melts.

So I figure, hey, why not see if she wants to go? I told her, "you know what, hon? Why don't we go to the track, and we'll run together, and that way if you get tired you can stop and then run with me a little later?" She looks really dubious about this, and kind of demurs. This is odd because I can't imagine she wouldn't be overjoyed at the idea, especially since she's the one who brought it up.

Then she looks less like she's doubtful, and more like she's going to cry. I ask her what's wrong and she says, "I'm too scared to try." I replied, "why? I'd be right there the whole time, and we'd see each other on the track!" Then she bursts into tears and says, "but what if we can't run faster than the train?!"


Finally it hits me: she thinks I mean the train track!

Poor little thing. No wonder she was scared. I tried hold in the laughter, but it was hard.

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