Friday, March 10, 2006

Maddy is potty trained!

Well, that happened quickly and uneventfully. She'd been going on the potty for a few weeks, but it was certainly more of a game than anything else. So I put her in panties. She had two accidents that day. She had one the next. And one over the course of the next two weeks. And that...was that. She's in panties all day, including naps, and only wets her diaper overnight some of the time. Her only fear right now is public toilets. She announces, stricken, that she has to go "wee wee" but when we get there and she spies the strange toilet, she cries, "I don't! I don't!" and that's that. It's only when the situation gets a little more...ahem, dire, that she eventually submits to the bathroom. So far she hasn't gone in her pants, but I've definitely had a few times where we've done at least 15 "test runs" to the toilet before she's willing to go.

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