Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I hope you like this note

Abby was hard at work on something in her playroom. She came upstairs, with a pink envelope badly concealed behind her back. "What is it? GUESS!!!"

Smiling, I feigned being stumped. She proudly presented me, predictably, the very same pink envelope. It had been liberally adorned with her trademark spikey-haired smiley face, and included one of her coveted princess stickers.

"It's a note for you, Mommy!"

I carefully opened the just-licked envelope. Inside was a piece of paper on which was written...nothing at all.

"Do you like the note?" she asked.

"Well, honey, I love the envelope, but there's nothing written on the note. People usually write things on notes and that's why they send them!"

"Oh!" And with that, she ran back off downstairs.

Five minutes later, she returned, with the same piece of paper, and thrust it into my hands. "Here you go, Mommy!"

I looked at it, and it now said:


"Why don't you read it to me, hon?"

"It says," she started, grandly dragging her finger along the paper so I could follow the text, "'Dear Mommy. I hope you like this note.'"

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