Saturday, January 15, 2005

Rosa Parks, the Musical

Abby was in the bathroom last night and we were waiting for her to come out. While sitting on the toilet, she busted out in song, and lo and behold, it was demonstrating her newfound knowledge of the civil rights movement as they have been learning about it in preschool in anticipation of MLK day next week. Brian and I could hardly contain our laughter! Enjoy:

Rosa Paaarks!

They came on the bus, and took her to jaaaaaail!

She didn't like that, she wanted to see her mommy but she couldn't because she was in jaaaaail!

The policemen, they came on the bus, and took Rosa Parks to jail!

That wasn't good! That they did that!

Rosa Parks! Yay! Rosa Parks!

She sat in the frooooont of the

The Bussss! The BUS! I like the BUS! Poor Rosa Parks!!!!!!!!

She was a HERO!


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