Sunday, January 9, 2005

Bathtub fun

Maddy's learned how to blow kisses this week! She should probably figure out how to keep her mouth closed when she does it, but those big wet slobbery kisses are still heaven to a mommy! The girls are also finding out that tub time is fun and they can splash each other! Climbing is also a priority this week as Maddy figures out that the sofa and the coffee table are nothing more than little mountains to climb. Usually, however, this works to my advantage--if Maddy crawls up on her chair, she'll likely stay there because she so far has not quite figured how to get down. Maddy's also sprouted two new teeth this week, which hopefully explains why EVERYTHING has to go in the mouth. Even when she knows I've told her not to, she doesn't seem to be able to help it!

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